Lily Risken: a few little things about me


I do enjoy gelato, but there are also some other things you should know about me:


My name is Lily Risken, no surprise there, but you can call me Lil. Let me tell you a few little things about me. I am a Minnesota native, but an Iowa captive. Currently, I am majoring in Advertising and minoring in Graphic Design. I have a passion for people. All people. I love telling stories, my own and other human’s, or animal’s, I don’t discriminate.

My life has been swell so far. It has only been 21 years long, but it has been a beautiful 21 at that. In the beginning I loved being a big sister and interpretive dancer, leaping through the air to the Little Mermaid soundtrack and Tom Petty alike. By the age of 12 I was a full fledged animal lover. My dog and horse are my best friends. I do have other friends, of the human variety and I like them too, but animals have a way of calming and loving you without ever saying a word.

I traveled Europe for a few months and documented my time there in another blog that I will eventually consolidate into this one, but for the time being check out my adventures abroad, there are more photos like the one you saw on the home page and some thoughts and dialogue on my experiences.

Take a break now. Listen to some good music, lay back and relax. Get lost in your thoughts and the winding maze of your mind. It’ll do wonders for your soul. To get you started, here is a link to a few songs that I love and I hope you will too, ps after you’re done chilling out,  come back and read some more!

I have been writing my whole life. Before I could write coherent sentences, my words flowed onto paper in the form of poetry through the delicate hand of my Nani (my mom’s mom). While writing has always been something that I love, sharing that writing has always been much harder for me. That is one of the reasons that having this website is good for me. I can share my work, without having to watch people’s faces as I do so. I did say before that I am a people person, I am just not an “open my heart and pour my guts out to strangers” people person.

And on that note, enjoy a little sample of something that just came to me last night while thinking about the fragility of life and what it has done to me, yet how that has made me so much stronger, don’t tease me:

My name is a flower. I was named after the bright orange, yellow and pink blooms that rise from the ground to spread joy in the spring, a time of rebirth.

I spread my seeds with every laugh I breathe out and word that curls off my tongue. Yes, I sow my wealth of happiness wherever I may. But the world is not always kind to a flower.

I am picked, stomped on and cut through. I am used to give for love and then thrown out when I grow old. For flowers are delicate and I am no different.

My name is a flower, oh what a name to have for after the harsh of winter comes the spring and my rebirth. 

Weeds only grow to make the flower more radiant. 

That’s all folks, peace and i’ll leave you with this.