Are you an April? If so, that’s awesome.

Here is a little description of a woman that I made up in my mind, but who holds a little bit of all of us:

One thing April might say about herself is that she is nice. And this is not a lie. April might also say that she is funny. However, this is a lie. April was born in the month of April. She eats tuna fish toast and egg yolks every morning and feeds the egg whites to her pet turtle. Her pet turtle’s name is Shelly, because he has a shell. April goes to work at an office every day.

The office is in a big brick building, April thinks it is a nice building, nobody else does. There are three small walls that surround the desk at which April sits at from exactly 8:57 in the morning until 5:11 in the evening. April has a stapler that is shaped like a banana on her desk, she thinks it is quite funny. However, April is not funny. Nobody ever wants to use April’s stapler. There is also a high-heeled shoe shaped tape dispenser and a granola bar. April likes the colors of the granola bar wrapper, so she hasn’t moved it in 6 years. Aprils has one friend who calls every Sunday evening and they talk about how much money April has to spend, she is a caring friend, so April always gives her the “extra” money she apparently has. Her friend is nice too. April’s life is nice, just like her. She likes her life. It is a nice life to live.


What April’s feet look like

Curious what April’s favorite song is… well you’re in luck, it’s one she listens to everyday

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